Ecological Imbalance in India: 5 Main Factors

This has been necessitated by the depletion of oxygen in the areas occupied by the algae University of phoenix, When algae die their decomposition consume available oxygen and as a result, fish species that come nearby suffocate and die. This essay about university reduced amount of oxygen available in the lake, which has a direct effect on the fish population that the lake can contain.

The areas that were once rich in oxygen and precious cichlids fish species have become barren and the local fishermen hardly get fish in those areas these days. Human activity of fishing the cichlids have led to reduce fish catch today, which cannot feed the population in the region or economically support them.

The action grammar and punctuation checker in spanish fishing was justifiable and they did not intend to be responsible for status quo. Another factor that has contributed to the ecological imbalance of Lake Victoria is the discursive essay about working abroad of Nile perch University of phoenix, The introduction of Nile perch in Lake Victoria was done with an intention to boost the economy of the region as well as to uphold the living standard of the people in the region.

The introduction was done with a very good intention for sure but the impact today is completely the opposite. When it was introduced, it really thrived to the extent that some thought it was a better option to introduce the species; little did they know that the situation would not last.

If these species cease to exist then such programmes shall not be possible. Also, most of the drugs and medicine which are vital for the cure of many diseases are also made from many plants and animals.

For instance, penicillin is a fungus through which the penicillin antibiotic is extracted. Another important importance of biodiversity is that it provides food to all including human beings. All the food we consume is either derived from plants or animals such as fishes and other marine animals. They are also the source of new crops, pesticides and source material for agricultural practices. Biodiversity is also important for industrial use.

We get many products such as fur, honey, leather and pearls from animals. Moreover, we get timber for plants which are the basis of the paper we use in our everyday life. Tea, coffee and other drinks along with dry fruits and our regular fruits and vegetables, all are obtained from the various plants. There is cultural and religious importance of many species as well. Many plants and animals are worshipped in different cultures and religions such as Ocitnum sanctum Tulsi which is a plant worshipped by Hindus.

India ranks among the top 12 nations which have a rich heritage of biodiversity. There are about different species of mammals along with different species of birds which are found in India. Additionally, there are around species of insects which have their habitat essay about ecological balance our country. There are a wide variety of domestic animals such as cows and buffaloes along with marine life which is found in India.

Not all species which existed in the ancient times exist today as well. For example, dinosaurs used to exist on our planet in older times. But they were not able to adapt to the changing environmental conditions which led to their extinction from the Earth. Similarly, there are many other species which are on the verge of extinction due to the urbanisation and modernisation of the world. With the increase in population, there has been a constant need to reduce the forest areas and make way for new cities.

This has led to the reduction in forests which are the natural habitat for many wild animals and plants. Due to this many wild plants have become extinct and there has been an increase in the man-animal conflict as well. Hence there has been a need to conserve the biodiversity so as to maintain the balance of nature. There have been initiatives by the governments all over the world to conserve the existing biodiversity on the earth.

For example, there are dedicated national parks which earmark the area for wild animals and plants and reduce human intervention in their lives. There are various wildlife conservation programmes in place to protect the vulnerable and endangered species.

For example, Project Tiger is one such measure in place to increase the population of tigers in our country. There are also many laws in place which make the hunting of endangered and vulnerable animals a punishable offence. It is not possible for the human to live all alone on the Earth. Various other life forms essay about housekeeping equally important and play their roles in the mutual survival of the various species on the Earth.

Each one of species has its own set of contribution for the environment. Already many species have become extinct as they were not able to survive in the changing weather conditions.

Hence it is our duty to ensure that our activities do not affect the other flora and fauna on the planet.

Although there are a number of steps taken by the government so as to preserve the various life forms, we should also contribute individually towards this cause.

If we do not act today, we may gatsby essays about jealousy again witness the extinction of the vulnerable biodiversity which may further disturb the balance of nature. BiodiversityEcosystemEnvironment. Join more than 50, subscribers receiving regular updates!

This watershed event established the conceptual underpinnings for environmental politics and debate in the s by reframing the problem of the natural environment as one of sustainable development. In the wake of this reframing, a new practice in environmental…. State the strategy of Hindustan Unilever in your own words. At what different levels is strategy formulated in HUL? Uga admissions essay human activities ,the natural environment is being destroy, so we have a responsibility to save them.

There many protection impose to save the endangered species in Hong Kong. For example, too sterize the sewage before it discharge into the water where is near Lantau Island. The northern part of Lantau Island was marked as a marine reserve. Also fishes essay about housekeeping restricted to catch as they are the food for the dolphin. In order to save them. More then of them was rescued form the airport before the construction and sent to the Hong Kong University.

Also, over eggs of them are reproduce by human successfully in Hong Kong. There are many ways of control the water pollution. Effluent discharge from factories is control to prevent toxic substances enter to essay about housekeeping sea. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our updated Cookie Notice. Technology is fundamentally changing the way we live, work, relate to one another and to the external world. The speed, breadth and depth essay about university current breakthroughs has no historical precedent and is disrupting almost every sector in every country.

Now more than ever, the advent of new technology has the potential to transform environmental protection. The hunt for new smarter ways to support our development has always been a key driver of technological advancement.

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Today as our civilisation faces a new unprecedented challenge, technology can play a crucial role in decoupling development and environmental degradation.

A productive, diverse natural world, and a stable climate have been the foundation of the success of our civilization, and will continue to be so in future.

A fundamental issue in previous technological revolutions has been the lightness with which we have taken for granted healthy natural systems like forests, oceans, river basins all underpinned and maintained by biodiversity rather than valuing these as a necessary condition to development.

On 1 August, the world hit Earth Overshoot Day, the point in our calendars when we tip into consuming more natural resources than the planet can regenerate in a year. At present, we are using resources and ecosystem services as though we had 1. As global biodiversity continues to decline steeply, the health and functioning of crucial ecosystems like forests, the ocean, rivers and wetlands will be affected. If a global issue applies to you, write about it. You won't be one of those papers that is forgotten.

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Essay on the Importance of Biodiversity

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Destruction of Lake Victoria’s Ecological Balance

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